High Tech – High Touch
Year Event 2019

The digital and technological revolution has been going on for a long time but has significantly gained momentum during recent years. It has had a great economic impact and globalization would not have happened as fast. The way companies interact with each other  and with their customers has changed tremendously, as smaller companies suddenly gained access to much larger markets. In addition, thanks to decreasing technology costs, many innovations that impact our daily lives were rapidly made possible.

Technology has had a great impact on the hospitality industry as well. From smart room keys to digital conferencing, robot-controlled reception desks to OTA’s, all making their impact to our industry’s future. The question is, how to apply the use of high tech in our industry whilst maintaining the human touch? Technological developments have many positive effects such as greater connectedness, easier communication and better access to information, but there are some con’s as well. Information overload, data safety, privacy violations and network security are just the tip of the iceberg.

One thing is certain: technology is the key to success nowadays and is disrupting the industry rapidly. It certainly adds to the guest experience and is needed to exceed the guests ongoing expectations. But can this disruption win both the digital brain and the analog heart? Which level of dehumanizing will guests accept and is technology a threat or an opportunity? What can we learn from other industries in which technological development is happening at a much faster pace? And if we all focus on the same technology, how do we distinguish ourselves?


Mise en Place
Driessen Food
The Bacchus Society


18.00 – 19.15

Welcome with drinks & bites

19.15 – 21.00

Congress programme 

21.00 – 22.00

Networking drinks 


End of programme 


To be
announced soon


To be announced soon

Participation at the HotelloTOP UK Year Event is postponed and further information will be announced soon.


Jordan Harry

StudyFast – CEO & TEDx Speaker


Joost Rietveld

Too Good To Go – Country Manager


Simon Meager

Kognos – Co-Founder, CEO

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